Construction Expeditions

Sometimes the real reward in life, lies in working with your hands, having fun, and learning something new in the midst of beauty and community, at least that's what we believe!


Whether we are building a kindergarten, community centre, rooms on an existing school or some other vital project, we would like to welcome you, to come be part of the experience and fun!       --  NO CONSTRUCTION SKILLS REQUIRED!  --

Expedition Status (2021) - Unlikely


Due to the coronavirus, and the difficulties and uncertainties of international travel conditions in the first quarter of 2021, when we would normally have 3 trips, it is highly unlikely that there will be any Expeditions this coming season.  If you are interested in finding out more about future plans and possibilities, please fill out the contact form on the last tab.

What you do:

  • Build!

    • ​Project requested by a local community

  • Learn!

    • Local building methods

    • About our local partner (PRR or MeA)

    • About Latin American culture

    • Some Spanish

  • Live!

    • On fresh, traditional food which is almost always served with beans, tortillas, and fresh fruit.

    • In a simple dorm room with seperate washrooms and hot showers

    • In a tropical climate with loads of sun and greenery.

    • At our local partner's headquarters and enjoy the surrounding community and spanish culture

  • Explore!

    • Mountain communites by pick-up truck

    • The local community we live beside

    • Small markets and the Mayan ruins in Copan, Honduras OR Artisan textile markets, and beautiful architecture in Antigua, Guatemala


Trips to Honduras (all 2020trips)


  • Location: La Buena Fe, Horconcitos, close to the south end of Lago de Yojoa

  • Duration: 2 weeks (Saturday to Saturday)

  • Cost: $2,340 plus flight


Trips to Guatemala (no trips in 2020)

  • Location: Chimaltenango, Guatemala

  • Duration: 

  • Cost: 


Included in Cost:

  • All food

  • All transportation (Trucks, Bus, Gas)

  • Pick-up and Drop-off at the airport

  • Accommodation

  • Weekend trip

  • Construction materials


Not Included in Cost:

  • International Flight

  • Health Insurance

  • Vaccinations

  • Passport

  • Optional side trips on the weekend trip

    • Mayan ruins, Bird sanctuary, Butterfly museum, Horseback riding, Kayaking, etc.

  • Optional personal trip extensions

  • Souvenir's

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Team 1.JPG

Team 1.JPG


“I am amazed at the speed of the weeks going by. The first week things were rolling along, next thing I turned around and wondered where all the time had gone.” - Bill (Volunteer)


“Surpassed my expectations!” “Enriching personally to live communally with such a big group of people and everyone get along.” 

- Charity (Volunteer)


“Hanging on the back of the truck breathing cloud; that's the sort of stuff that sustains me.”

- Devon (Volunteer)


“It's emotional, physical, skills based, a full on experience.” - Garrett (Volunteer)


“This is the second best holiday that i have ever had! I should have started coming 10 years ago. I have had the time of my life! If Al Wigood can do it up and past 84 years then i'm coming too!” 

- Al (Volunteer)


“I laughed more than I have in a long time!” “I really liked the tone being set to do what you want to.” 

- Meaghan (Volunteer)


“People here go out and get chicken eggs from their yard, grow their own corn, grab their own bananas off the trees. I've never seen anything like it in my life......... i'm only 15, but still.” 

- Aiden (15yr. old Volunteer)


“They are just waiting for luck to jump in so they can do something. There's an idea of if you have, then pay others to do it, here it's community and they help eachother.” “At home they say work hard and play hard, but here the kids work hard and play harder.” - James (Volunteer)


“It's not just a building, it's a lot more when you look at the difference it makes”

- Roberto (Local Translator)


“It feels good to help and see kids smile. I loved the construction and learned a lot about life”

- Liam (17yr. old Volunteer)


“I thought I was going to hate it, but now we're like a big family.  I'd rather be here than at home now." "The kids are unbelievable here, they take the trowel away from me and work harder than all of us. The kids are a lot happier here, and appreciate life.” “Here the kids want to be close to you and it's nice talking to them, getting to know them” 

- Ariel (13yr. old Volunteer)


“I don't mind missing school, I definitely learned more here then I would have in the classroom.” 

- Chloe (16yr. old Volunteer)


“Where you would wave to everyone here and smile and they smile back, you wouldn't do that at home or they would think there's something wrong with you.” - Gillian (12yr. old Volunteer)


“I can honestly say that each and everyone of you have made my life better.” “Just taking time to enjoy life, here i'm relaxed, i'm at ease.”

- Doug (Construction Co-ordinator)


“The children were phenomenally friendly, happy, and when I was showing them the pictures on my camera they had their arms around me as we looked at the pictures.” - Tara (Volunteer)


“A local commentator who interviewed us asked “How do you feel about being the heroes of Honduras?” I think that if you turned the camera around and looked at them, they are our heroes.” 

- Barry (Volunteer)