Exceptions (bring if you have)

  • Laptops

  • Spanish Computer Software (for office and school use; learning to type, writing, powerpoint, spreadsheet, Word, etc.)

Make sure they are in working condition and everything is erased from the hard drive



If you're wanting to raise extra money for donations such as:

  • School / office supplies

  • Construction tools

  • Construction materials

  • Sports equipment

  • Clothing Etc.


Go for it!!! BUT we ask that you bring that extra money into the country.

  • So that we can buy school supplies, construction materials etc. in Honduras / Guatemala.

  • Doing so will ensure that what is bought is needed and won't go to waste.

  • We will be supporting the local economy.

  • Supplies are usually much cheaper in Central America, so your money will go farther.

  • You will have to pay the airlines extra baggage charges.

  • We work with local community leaders to distribute the materials, as they know what's best.  This also prevents a mob scene, which is sometimes caused by us giving it out to the children.

  • If you want pictures with the people who are receiving the items, then we can have you meet the principal of the school, or the community members who will distribute your items.