Overseas Partners


World Accord forms collaborative partnerships with local organizations, which ensures that decisions are made at the local level.  This brings effectiveness and local ownership into the programs that are initiated. We have seen that this method of development brings a sense of pride, as individuals are helping themselves and others in their communities to attain a better standard of living.


World Accord acts as the bridge to provide funding and coordination for people to take the initiative and change their own lives, and the lives of those in their families and communities at large.


Their response to ‘situations on the ground’ is to find out what the people who live there want to have happen, as they are the ones with the most knowledge of their circumstances and communities.

World Accord also helps to incubate new partners and organizations.   They help local leaders who have an idea of how to improve their communities, to bring about their vision.  Helping with money, training, and organizational development so that these organizations become leaders in their communities, independant from World Accord.  


We believe that one of our strongest possible achievements is local ownership.   Only through this method of International Development is true sustainability possible; it ensures that results continue into the future and create lasting change.  Leaders like Felipa (Guatemala), and hundreds of other women and men that we’ve supported through this work.  They are the ones who create change beyond specific projects and World Accord’s funding.  These individuals create strong, prosperous communities and inspire other leaders to step up.

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