Now, let's look at ways to get the message out and start to raise some money!!

Fundraising Basics:

  • Tell people you're going away on a construction expedition...

  • Who you’re going with...

  • Why you want to go...

  • Anything else you would like to add to give people an idea of what you're doing:

  • pictures, videos, testimonial quotes, description of World Accord, etc.....

  • Then asking them if they will support you in going (financially and/or with their time in planning / putting on events)...

Things to keep in mind:

  • Tax Receipts available for donations over $20!!

  • All donations should be made payable to World Accord.  

  • Make sure you get the donors full name, address, postal code, and method of payment.  

  • Make sure you clearly indicate the donated amount.  

  • Mail it all to the World Accord office with a note saying that it is to go towards your construction expedition cost.   (World Accord 1C-185 Frobisher Dr.  Waterloo, Ontario  Canada N2V 2E6)

  • Please keep a personal record of all of your donations so we can confirm how much you have raised

  • Don't forget to thank your donors and let us know what your fundrasing experience was like! 

Announcing Your Trip

Let people know what you're doing.  Ask them if they will support you to go on this trip.

  • Friends, family, colleagues, church groups, school groups, clubs, neighbors, etc.


Letter and E-mail Writing

Write to all of your contacts, different local businesses, etc. and tell them what you are doing.  Ask if they will support you by donating to your trip.


Donations Page Online

Visit and set up a giving page so that it makes donating to your trip much easier to do!  The easier it is, the more likely people are to do it!


Movie Night!

Host a movie night in your neighbourhood, school, etc. and charge a fee to watch it. It could be shown indoors OR outdoors with a sheet/wall and a projector... don't forget the sleepingbags and popcorn!


Candy in the Jar... How much??

Fill a jar with jelly beans, M&M's, cookies, or sour keys, etc. and get people to guess how many are in the jar.  Charge a fee for each guess... they can guess as many times as they want!!  The winner (closest guesser) gets the jar and all it's contents!!


Make Lunches!

  • Ask friends/family to make their own lunches for a set number of days and donate their lunch money to your trip.


  • If you can cook, ask them to pay you to make and deliver their lunches!


Host a Dinner

Invite between 6 and 20+ people to your house for dinner and ask them to pay a restaurant price ($25 or more).  Make sure they know that it's going towards your trip!  Who knows, they may even tip you :)


Get sponsored to.....

  • shave your head, dye your hair blue and green, plant trees all day, not sleeping for ___ hrs, running a marathon, do the polar bear dip, anything!  The crazier the better :)


Throw a party!

Rent a space, a DJ, put up posters all over your city, charge an entrance fee, let people know that proceeds go to your trip!


Christmas & Birthday Money

Let people know that instead of presents for your Birthday and Christmas, you would rather they donated money towards your trip!


Odd Jobs

Ask everyone you know, put up a neighbourhood poster, get the word out that you are looking for odd jobs that you can do to raise money for your trip!


House Concert

Ask a local musician to donate an evening to play a home concert.  Send the word out that it's happening, set an admissions fee, and all you have to do is supply the snacks!


Auction and/or Raffle

Ask for items or services to be donated for example:

  • clothing, pottery, jewelry, food packages, plants, tv, bike, etc.

  • massage, canoe ride, dog walking, lawn care, snow shoveling, childcare, weeding, etc.

Get people to buy tickets, find or become an auctioneer, and go for it!


Car Wash

Use your driveway, make a huge sign: say what you're doing (washing cars!), why you're doing it (Volunteer trip to Honduras) and how much you're charging per car.  Don't forget to play some music and have fun!



If you can play a musical instrument, go spend a day or two playing downtown to fundraise.  If you can't play, see if a friend will do it for you and donate the earnings to your trip! Make sure you have a sign out front saying where you're going and why :)


Yard Sale

,Ask friends, family, neighbours, and more for items they would want to donate to your garage sale!  When the sale's going on, make sure you stick a sign out front saying where are the proceeds are going to!


Selling Goodies

Your options are literally endless as to what you could make and sell to raise money.  

Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Soup, Apple Crisp, Cookies, Muffins, Lasagna, Perogies, etc.


Plus many many more.....

The amount of ways to raise money is limited to your imagination, so get started, you can do it!!

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