Pictures and Videos


Ask before you take the picture 

  • Con permiso? (With permission?)

  • Foto? (Picture?)

  • If you point to the camera and say it, you will be understood. If a person declines, please respect their choice.


Pictures and Videos for you and World Accord


We have found that videos and pictures work the best, to show people what a construction expedition is actually like. We have found that some pictures / videos work better than others.


  • have people’s faces in them

  • are in focus and closer up (easy to identify individuals)

  • jpeg pictures without a date printed directly on the picture

  • 1 megabyte minimum file size


  • keep video clips short

  • let them tell a story (construction, the landscape, people (locals and volunteers), mixing mortar, Copan, faces of people you work with/played with, kids, what you learned, etc.)

  • no music (if the video is to go on the World Accord website or youtube channel)

  • in focus

  • 3-10 minutes is an ideal length