Why come?


An experience that will open your eyes, move your heart,

and inspire you to stand up.

Living and working alongside members of the community and other volunteers

  • You will work collaboratively building a structure which will positively affect the lives of many for years to come. Very rarely will you do anything by yourself.

  • These trips are about partnerships and learning about those who you are working with, and them about you. It’s about a shared experience that will change the lives of many people, including yours.


Working on a project requested by the local community

  • Local communities submit a project request to our partner organization, which prioritize the requests as to which projects are most needed. The communities pay for and provide the labour to put in the foundation, as well as working with us to complete the project.

  • The majority of what we build are schools (kindergarten, elementary, high school, and technical colleges), or community centers.

Gain perspective on how people in a different country live. 

  • Experience the incredible strength and caring these individuals and communities possess, despite the challenges they face.

  • See a way of life that is different than your own.

Bear witness.

  • Our presence alone has value and validates the worth and importance of the people we work with. Some people say that simply our presence means more than the 4 walls and roof that is being left behind. It inspires people to continue their work... knowing that they're not alone.


‘It’s work that needs doing, and it’s work that I can do’ - Jens 

  • Whether physical work, or making connections with the local community, the one is equally as important as the other.


Learn about a local organization

  •  The local organizations that we work with are MeA (Guatemala) and PRR (Honduras).

  • These organizations, among others that we work with, play a significant role in making many communities thrive!